TANRICH was set up in the 1980s, founded by Dr. Edward Yip and his excellent team that have sophisticated knowledge in the financial market. The Tanrich Group (the “Group”) was officially established in 1990 after a series of business consolidation. 

The Group continuously expand, covering Hong Kong, Greater China, Australia, North America and South America. We dedicated to serve individuals and corporate clients by providing a wide range of investments services.

Within a decade, the Group developed into a platform that could provide a variety of comprehensive financial-related services, such as security trading, futures, corporate financing, asset management and insurance. Further services include real estate investments, loans, management consultant and financial product investments, etc. In January 2002, the financial-related sector of the Group was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange main board. Later, through mergers and acquisition, the listed business was sold to Southwest International Investment Limited on 27th January 2015. The Group then focused on providing more personalized services to High-Net-Worth Clients and reformed into a Multi-family office.

With our experience going through the market crisis and challenges, a cohesion of human resources and connectivity, we strive hard to develop and deepen our services, and we are now transforming into one of the leading family offices in Asia.

Tanrich Family Office aim to give clients peace of mind when they plan for family succession. We can provide the following services: consultation on structure set up, succession planning, wealth management, family governance, tax advisory, immigration consultation, etc. 


We are a multi-family office, focusing on serving High-Net-Worth Clients, providing them with a variety of personalized services, including:

  • Succession planning, e.g. setting up family trust, will writing, using insurance policies for succession, etc.
  • Wealth Management, such as asset allocation, wealth planning, private equity projects, etc.
  • Assist in forming a family constitution for family governance
  • Tax advisory
  • Immigration consultation

Ms. Evon Chiu (Director)

Evon brings with her over 20 years of experiences across banking, insurance and pension, trust and corporate services in PRC and Hong Kong. She specializes in servicing private individuals, corporate clients and professional advisers in respect of Private and Corporate Trusts, Employee Benefits Trusts, Offshore Companies and Mandatory Provident Fund services.

Prior to joining Tanrich, Evon was the Head of Marketing of a Bank trustee. She also held the position of Assistant Director of a corporate financing consultancy company where she actively conducted seminars and promoted trust services in PRC. She started her professional career with an insurance consultancy firm.