Setting up your own family office will be the first step in succession planning, but how to do it? There are a lot of different tools in the market; not to mention the complication of many service providers who claim to know what to do. It can be very confusing to make a decision. 

But this shouldn’t be an excuse for not taking any actions. Give us a call and we are happy to further discuss with you on your wishes and provide a tailor-made solution.




Wealth appreciation, protection or preservation are the main considerations our High-Net-Worth Clients are concerning. 

Our open architecture provides clients with a wide range of choices on the investment platform and products, catering people with different risk appetite, needs and visions.  




Internal policies and guidelines are the tools for managing a company, where management and employees can rely on for daily operations. To manage a family, having a family governance policy, i.e. family constitution is just the same. It is also the core of a family office. 

Our experienced team can help you find out your needs and wishes and help drafting your constitution for future generations to come. 




With the implementation of CRS, US FATCA, UK FATCA, etc., it is very important for everyone to clarify their tax liability. It is especially true when you are being classified as High-Net-Worth, as any mistakes in this area will lead to reputational risk and even imprisonment. 

We are glad to assist you in finding the right tax advisor and giving you the most appropriate tax opinion.




There are various reasons and considerations when it comes to immigrating to another country, such as better education for children, better business opportunities, political stability, etc. 

No matter what, a thorough understanding of the country, about its tax system, its education system and its benefit, etc. We can definitely help you prepare in advance. 



Share Award Scheme

Family business is one of the biggest assets of the High-Net-Worth Individuals and families, but this success can be the result of a team of people and under sophisticated management and leadership. 

There are chances that you may want to share this rewarding result with the team. Under well structuring, this can be achieved and our experienced team can assist you to set up and operate such structure.